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Wage Garnishment Defense Lawyers

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Who would want their employer to be involved in their debt problems? When creditors choose to garnish your wages, that's exactly what happens: your creditor gets a court order directing your employer to give them a certain amount of money from your paycheck until your debt is paid off. If you are in debt and worry that your creditor might try to garnish your wages, come to our wage garnishment defense lawyers in Atlanta for advice about how to avoid this unfortunate situation.

What happens when your wages are garnished?

Wage garnishment is one of the many ways that a creditor can seek money you owe them. Although wage garnishment is legally obtained through a court order, it is often a deeply humiliating and harmful experience for the person who owes money. Employers are prohibited from firing employees due to garnishment of one debt, but nothing prevents an employer from firing an employee for garnishment of multiple debts. Even if you are able to keep your job, your creditors can direct your employer to withhold up to 25% of your disposable income for garnishment. This can harm your ability to pay your day-to-day expenses, so you could end up even deeper in debt.

Effective relief from wage garnishment in Georgia

A garnishment attorney in Atlanta can show you the way out. Our attorneys excel at helping individuals with their debt problems. We will listen to your situation and assist you in deciding on the best solution. One of the best ways to prevent or stop the garnishment of wages is to file for personal bankruptcy. When you file for Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy, an automatic stay temporarily bars your creditors from garnishing your wages. You can then choose to pay off your debts quickly, through Chapter 7, or pay them off in regular installments over three to five years through Chapter 13. Because bankruptcy releases you from your debts and gives you a fresh start, you shouldn't have to worry about the embarrassing situation of having your wages garnished again.

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