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Foreclosure in Atlanta

Effective defense of your Georgia home

Do you worry that missed mortgage payments could mean losing your home? Just last year, over one million people had their dreams of home ownership destroyed because of foreclosure. Contact DebtStoppers at our bankruptcy law firm and learn what you can do to prevent creditors from foreclosing on your home.

When purchasing a home, buyers usually enter into a mortgage contract with a lender. They promise to make regular monthly payments over a number of years until the home is theirs. If the buyer misses one or more payments, the lender can take the home back, or foreclose upon it. Foreclosure is a sad reality for too many families in Atlanta. Foreclosure can happen to you whether you have a fixed or variable interest rate on your mortgage. It can even happen if you fail to pay for your homeowners' insurance or your property taxes. In Georgia, foreclosure is especially frightening because of the speed at which your house can be sold.

Save your home before it's too late

Georgia is a "non-judicial" foreclosure state. While the creditor may choose to foreclose on a home by filing a lawsuit in court, they don't need to. They can foreclose through a process known as "power of sale." Once the homeowner misses a payment, the creditor sends the homeowner a notice of the creditor's intent to foreclose. Georgia law gives the homeowner just 30 days' notice of the foreclosure sale. A sale is then held in front of the local courthouse, where the creditor is usually the only bidder. The creditor then "owns" the home, and the homeowner is forced to move out.

Don't let a creditor take your house without a fight. Homeowners have options available to prevent foreclosure. One is Chapter 13 bankruptcy, which allows you to halt an ongoing foreclosure and restructure your mortgage payments so they are affordable for you. Contact one of our knowledgeable bankruptcy attorneys at DebtStoppers to learn more.

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