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Atlanta Credit Repair

Starting over through bankruptcy means a second chance at good credit

Don't believe those who tell you that bankruptcy hurts your credit forever. Bankruptcy can actually help you repair your credit. Have our experienced bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta show you how.

A bad credit score from a consumer-reporting company can keep you from qualifying for a loan or a new credit card. This can prevent people with bad credit from getting a fresh start in life. Unfortunately, there are no magic bullets or painless fixes to repair your credit. So-called credit repair companies that claim to remove negative information from your report should be avoided. They have no more power to remove that information than you do. Instead, your best option for repairing your credit may be filing for bankruptcy.

Getting to the root of your credit problem

With bankruptcy, you can eliminate the debts that created your bad credit score in the first place. While the bankruptcy remains in your credit file for ten years, you can still qualify for a loan or credit card. That's because each creditor has its own set of standards, so not everyone will view your credit history the same way. Many people who have consulted with our credit repair lawyers in Atlanta have obtained loans almost immediately after bankruptcy discharged their debts. Best of all, without any more debts on your record, your credit rating actually improves.

Talk to one of our credit repair specialists in Atlanta to find out which type of bankruptcy works for you. Individuals who file for personal bankruptcy can file for either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 bankruptcy. In both cases, the debtor is required to undergo credit counseling before filing, so you can learn how to budget your income and avoid falling into the debt trap again. Chapter 7 bankruptcy liquidates some of your assets to pay off your creditors, allowing you to quickly discharge your debt. However, if you would prefer to keep your house, car, and other assets, Chapter 13 allows you to reorganize your debt so that you can pay it off in installments that you can afford.

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