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Stopping Foreclosure in Georgia Through Chapter 13 Bankruptcy

Atlanta DebtStoppers has a plan to save your home

Once your lender has initiated foreclosure proceedings against you, there are only two ways it will stop. The first, which is highly unlikely and out of your control, is that the lender decides not to go through with the foreclosure. The second, over which you have total control, is that you file a bankruptcy petition. As soon as you file for bankruptcy, the foreclosure — and every other collection activity against you — must cease.

During our current recession and housing crisis, Chapter 13 bankruptcy has been the only guaranteed means for mortgage holders to keep their homes. Mortgage modification may reduce interest, but interest rates have been so low for so long that they are almost never the cause of a family's debt problems. And the savings that result from a point or two less in interest rarely create the conditions necessary for a financial rebound. But filing for bankruptcy under Chapter 13 protects your home from foreclosure and delivers enough debt relief to make it possible for you to afford your home payments.

Under a DebtStoppers Chapter 13 plan, your mortgage payment stays the same, but because your other debt is reduced or eliminated, you can make your home payments more easily. Imagine the weight of your car payments, IRS debt, credit card balances and medical bills taken off your shoulders. Under your plan, the monthly payment you make directly to the bankruptcy trustee is hundreds or even thousands less than what you're currently paying. There's no comparison between this relief and the negligible help you'd get from a mortgage modification .

Are you about to lose your Georgia home in a foreclosure sale?

Our Atlanta lawyers are connected electronically to the bankruptcy court, so we're ready to stop the Georgia foreclosure process at lightning speed — right up to the crash of the auctioneer's gavel. Is your home on the sale block this afternoon? That's no problem for DebtStoppers. We can still save your home.

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