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Is an Atlanta Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Plan Right for You?

Are you over your head in debt and can't see your way clear?

You're not alone. Thousands of Georgia families are suffering right along with you:

  • Unable to make the mortgage payment and fearing foreclosure
  • Having trouble just paying the minimum on credit cards
  • Worried about keeping up with the car payments
  • Overwhelmed by medical bills and unexpected repair expenses
  • Suffering reduced income due to wage garnishment, unemployment or cut back work hours
  • Unable to borrow because of home equity lost because of Atlanta's housing collapse

Throughout Georgia and the nation, through no fault of their own, hard-working people are feeling the stress of carrying too much debt. For many, solutions seem impossible. Fortunately, Congress passed and the president signed into law a tool powerful enough to provide a new beginning — the personal bankruptcy statutes.

Every day, DebtStoppers Chapter 7 and Chapter 13 plans end the suffering of families in Atlanta.

Bankruptcy attorneys from DebtStoppers can stop the stress, restore your confidence and show you why getting out of debt is the most important thing you can do for yourself and your family's future.

A DebtStoppers Atlanta Bankruptcy Plan lets you start fresh so you can pursue your dreams without fear.

Millions of Americans have eliminated debt with bankruptcy protection

More than ever before, Georgians are getting a fresh start with legal bankruptcy; you probably count many as friends and relatives. Each day, DebtStoppers bankruptcy lawyers use bankruptcy plans to save homes from mortgage foreclosure, eliminate debt, end wage garnishments and hit the financial reset button. An Atlanta bankruptcy plan can mean a second chance at financial freedom.

Do you need legal help with your debts? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Are you in foreclosure or behind on your mortgage payments?
  • Stuck on the credit card merry-go-round?
  • Being hassled by bill collectors?
  • Are you thinking about money all the time? Arguing with your spouse?
  • Are you losing sleep because of debt?
  • Can you honestly see your situation improving without help?

Does this sound like you? If it does, why not take a look at the one legal financial tool that can actually make a difference?

Make an appointment now for a friendly, free, one-on-one debt analysis with a DebtStoppers attorney

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