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Atlanta Chapter 13 Bankruptcy Attorneys

Our attorneys help consumers reorganize and reduce their debts

Having trouble paying the monthly bills? Are you behind on your mortgage payments? Are you in foreclosure? An Atlanta Chapter 13 bankruptcy plan can be the answer. A Chapter 13 plan can:

  • Stop mortgage foreclosure and make your house affordable again
  • Take wage garnishments off your paycheck
  • Stop repossession and get back your car or truck
  • Lower — or eliminate — credit card, medical, IRS and most other debt
  • Stop phone calls from creditors
  • Give your family a fresh start

Unlike a Chapter 7, which is designed for those with no large assets such as a house to protect, Chapter 13 bankruptcy in Georgia is a payment plan. In a Chapter 13, you make monthly payments directly to the bankruptcy trustee for a specified period, usually 3 years.

Is Chapter 7 or Chapter 13 Right for You?

The experienced DebtStoppers Chapter 13 bankruptcy attorneys in Atlanta can answer all your questions. Generally speaking, if you have a home you want to protect, or you earn more than the average for your area, you may be a good candidate for Chapter 13 bankruptcy .

A Chapter 13 stops all creditor collection — including mortgage foreclosure — with what Georgia bankruptcy law calls the "automatic stay." This provision gives you protection from creditors while your bankruptcy attorney works out a payment plan that best fits your unique circumstance.

Instead of paying the full amount you owe, in a Chapter 13 your payments are determined by what you can actually afford. More information is available in the sections described below:

If your bills are taking over your life, bankruptcy protection in Atlanta can be your financial reset button.

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